The Melvin Jones Fellowship 

The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) is the backbone of the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF). Presented to those who donate $1,000 to LCIF or to people for whom a donation was made by others, it’s a tremendous contribution to humanity and to the legacy of our founder, Melvin Jones.

 PHILIP   MCGANN             02/26/87  PAUL STRAUCH              05/05/06
 JOSEPH MAHONEY           05/13/93  PAUL SCHMIEDEL          04/19/07
 EDWARD MCCALL             08/26/94  BARRY DONOVAN           05/14/07
 PAUL DAVIS    02/06/96  NICHOLAS TIERNO  11/20/07
 BERNARD MCLAUGHLIN     10/14/96  PAUL MUISE   04/01/08
 WILLIAM SULLIVAN           02/10/98  TIMOTHY HAGGERTY         05/12/09
 ITALO GALANTE              04/14/99  RALPH GARVEY JR.          11/30/09
 PAUL LOGUE   04/14/99  JOHN STANTON             05/11/10
 MARK HAGGERTY           04/27/00  VINCENT FERLISI   04/11/12
 JOSEPH ELIA        04/25/01  ROBERT PEARY    06/07/13
 JOSEPH CURRAN               05/29/02  JOHN MASOTTA            06/03/14
 GENE ENGLISH               01/31/03  FRANK DIMAURO            05/07/15
 BRYAN MURPHY                04/13/04  PAUL MEANEY               08/18/15
 ROBERT MCKILLOP            05/05/06  LEO THIFAULT             04/27/18

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